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西洋絵画の一ジャンルである「静物画」という日本語は、ドイツ語のStilleben(静かな生命)、英語のStill lifeなどの訳語と考えられているが、フランス語ではNature morte(死んだ自然)という。上出自身が幼い頃より長年見つめて来た家業である上出長右衛門窯の職人や家族が作り続けた器の姿を写し出そうと試みた彫刻作品。磁器の塊を削り出し焼成している。

​Text 上出惠悟の新作《静物》を見るために中井康之/国立国際美術館 副館長

Still Life

The Japanese term 'still life', a genre of Western painting, is thought to be a translation of German Stilleben (quiet life) and English Still life, while the French term is Nature morte (dead nature). This sculptural work attempts to capture the appearance of the vessels that the craftsmen and family members of the family business, Kamide Choemon Kiln, have continued to produce since he was a child and has been observing them for many years. A block of porcelain is carved out and fired.

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