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2015年、クマを通した人間と自然との関係と文化に興味を持ち、東北、北海道をフィールドワークしながら様々な作品をYoshimi Artsでの個展「熊居樹孔」 (2016)で発表。「なぜ日本美術に熊が登場しないのか?」という問いに「穢れ」の観念があるのではないかと仮説を立て、制作を通して自己の純粋性に対する疑問と自己の内面に向き合うこととなった。

​Text 熊について

”Bears” fieldwork

In 2015, she became interested in the relationship between humans and nature and culture through bears and presented various works during fieldwork in Tohoku and Hokkaido in her solo exhibition 'Kumai Jukou' (2016) at Yoshimi Arts. In her solo exhibition at Yoshimi Arts (2016), she asked the question, "Why don't bears appear in Japanese art?" (2016), she hypothesised that the idea of 'defilement' might be present in the question 'why bears do not appear in Japanese art', and through her work she came to question the purity of the self and to confront her inner self.

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