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会場のスパイラルガーデンには、「九谷焼」という言葉が想起させる”石川の伝統工芸”、”華やかな器”といった既成概念を飛び越えた、ユニークな作品が約30 点以上登場します。



 "Kutani Connexion"
Spiral Garden (TOKYO)


"Spiral's first exhibition of 2010 will be the Kutaniyaki Connection, an exhibition of works by Kamiide, Kutani and Keigo. This exhibition introduces the innovative world of Kutani-yaki, which is being expanded by the kiln of Chouemon Ueide in Nomi, Ishikawa Prefecture, which has a history dating back to the Meiji period, and the young artist Keigo Ueide, who is in a position to succeed the kiln.

More than 30 unique works will be on display in Spiral Garden, which transcends the preconceived notions of "traditional Ishikawa craft" and "glamorous vessels" that the word "Kutaniyaki" conjures up. The exhibition is a unique and unique experience.

The Kamide Choemon Kiln is a kiln with tradition and solid technical skills. While inheriting these techniques, the works are based on motifs of materials found in our surroundings, and are developed in a variety of ways thanks to Kamide's free ideas and creativity. The "Running kyusu", a kyusu with a tyre attached to it, and the "cone cup", which resembles an ice-cream cone, are just a few examples of his playful additions to everyday vessels, presenting us with a world full of humour. The world of the "Cone Cup" is a world full of humour. This year's exhibition will also feature a skull-shaped candy jar decorated with traditional Hanazume patterns, as well as a new globe.

The diverse range of works is all encompassed by the medium of Kutaniyaki, which can be used, decorated, celebrated, adored, played with and learned about in a variety of ways. The diverse and humorous world of Kutaniyaki, which transcends the conventional realm of Kutaniyaki, changes our viewpoints and makes us aware of the rich variety of things hidden in our daily lives.
We invite you to take this opportunity to discover the rich world of contemporary Kutaniyaki at Spiral, which aims to "fuse life and art"."

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